I grew up playing under my granny Ida's quilting frame so it is no wonder that I love anything and everything to do with quilting and stitching. My mother made a lot of our clothes when we were young until she could no longer sit at the sewing machine. She then hired a lady up the street to sew for us. I was always excited to stand and watch as the machine hummed along making thousands of stitches, creating something for me to wear. As soon as I was able, I signed up for Home Economics class in high school and then 3 years later you could find me in Vocational Sewing. I was smitten with the sewing machine.

I owe my love of anything stitching related to my dear Granny Ida! I love this woman!
Her motto was "If it ain't worth doing right, then it ain't worth doing a'tall!
And to this day, I live by those words!

I started my hand quilting career at the age of 19 by putting 2 of my quilts in a gift shop. You can only imagine my delight when both quilts sold the first day and the buyer ordered a 3rd quilt. I was on cloud nine! I began making and selling quilts from that moment as well as hand quilting for the public. You could also find me at my sewing machine making arts and crafts for gift shops as well as gifts for my family and friends. I dabbled in garment sewing but that was just not my cup of tea. I quickly let that fall to the wayside and gave my entire attention to quilting.

In 2006 carpal tunnel caused me to make a choice of either giving up quilting all together or learn to machine quilt. I could never - NOT - quilt so I purchased a Gammill longarm. It took me several months to master that silly thing but we finally became friends. I quilt for several customers, local and long distance, and they have won many ribbons on the quilts we have collaborated together on.

I still continue to longarm quilt today and am honored every time someone asks me to work my magic on their quilt.

This is one of my favorite photos. Here, I am giving a class on longarm quilting and my friend Ely (dark hair) is intent on learning.

I love to teach anyone who wants to learn.

8 years ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of crazy quilting. I never knew there was so much fun waiting... all I needed was a stash of beads, buttons and fancy fabrics and once I had that, there was no stopping me! If you had asked me 10 years prior if I would ever make a crazy quilt, I would have most likely said "Are you crazy?". But look at me now! Not only do I crazy quilt several hours in a given month, but I am now the proud owner of this website, geared to bringing happiness to all crazy quilters and stitchers alike.

It's a crazy world we live in so we just have to stitch it out loud!