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You can not imagine the delight on your gift recipients face when they receive one of these treasures! Crazy quilt squares have tons of seam embellishing, beads, charms, buttons and other beautiful embellishments! The price reflects the precious hours it takes to create these pieces by hand but they will certainly be a family heirloom for many years to come!

After they are completed, they can either be backed and bound on the edges with a hanging sleeve attached (free of charge) or you can take the finished piece to your local framer and have it professionally framed.

I will ask you for a brief descriptive of the person you will be presenting this gift to and I will create the piece from the information given so it portrays that individual.

These make wonderful birthday gifts for your grandchildren! Howbeit, expensive, once in a lifetime gifts, but a family heirloom for sure!

This was made for my granddaughter on her 7th birthday. She loves pink, tea parties and fairies!

Please call or email me for a consultation!